Friday, December 11, 2015

Quotes For Valentines Day

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quotes for valentines day
I am enthralled by ur beauty,
yo mesmerized by your charisma and spellbound by ur love.
No wonder I am always thinking about you.
I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you.

Happy Valentine's Day!
quotes for valentines day
I m feeling so happy, do u know why? cuz i m so lucky,
do u know how? cuz God loves me.Do u know how?
cuz he gave me a gift.Do u know what? its YOU my love.
quotes for valentines day
I though to bring lot of flowers and happyness
for this valentines day but you said i am not
your dear not even a friend to wish you...

Happy valentines day dear..
quotes for valentines day
I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
it's an illusion, it's fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
that love is real, and exists in me.
Happy Valentine Day!
quotes for valentines day
If Someone Put Two Choices In Front Of Me That
If I Have To Choose Between Loving You And Breathing
Even These Are Difficult Choices But

I Would use my last breath to say I love you.
quotes for valentines day
I'm with you reading this ,
Looking at your eyes and your lips,
Touching your lips softly with my fingertips.
Making love to you in every kiss.
quotes for valentines day
Is Love Secure Or Not, But I Say
The Insecurtity Of Losing Our Love
Makes Us Lose The Friend In Them
And Insecuity Of Losing The Friend
Makes You Fall In Love With Them
quotes for valentines day
It still seems like magic
everytime I remember
how love softly touched our hearts
bringing in together

I love you Happy Valentines Day
quotes for valentines day
Its d Month of
Kisses, Surprises,
Proposals n Dates,
Chocolates n Gifts,
Hugs n Luv Songs
It's feb..
Wishing u a Love filled
Valentine Month..!!
quotes for valentines day
Leave it once it'll will be left forever,
Get it once it'll be yours forever,
It's nothing but LOVE,
LOVE only once and you'll be loved forever.
Happy Valentines Day


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