Sunday, February 7, 2016

Hug Day Messages

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hug day messages
A hug can say i will miss you.`it can say ur special,`or best of all,`i love you.`it can soothe a hurt,`or calm a fear,`or cheer us`when were blue.`So here a hug for you.
hug day messages
A hug delights and warms and charms, That must be why God gave us arms.153
hug day messages
A hug is a handshake from the heart.So always remain close to my heart and best wishes on this hug day.
hug day messages
A sweet friend is like a pillow ; When you are tired you sleep on it When you are sad you drop tears on it; When you are angry you punch it & When you are happy you hug it.
hug day messages
After An Emotional Hug,
Girl whispers to Boy: If You Hug Me once More Like that,
I will be yours forever.
Boy: Thanks
hug day messages
Alone? I’ll be ur shadow.
Want to cry? Here’s my shoulder.
Need a hug? I’ll hold you tight.
Bcoz where ur strength ends,
My worth of being ur love begins.
hug day messages
Cutest proposal ever by a boy of 5th standard-
Boy- Do you hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night??
Gal- Yes!
Boy- Can I replace it for the rest of ur life??
hug day messages
God has gifted me these arms, So that I can delightfully hug you and fill you up with charm Happy Hug Day.
hug day messages


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